This section will be used to post important updates relating to new materials and material restock updates! 

Updated: 08-11-2022

1/8" White MDF 

We the newer version of the 1/8" White MDF available for purchase.  This newer version still cuts well, but it will leave charred/sooty edges due to the different MDF used by the manufacturer.  This material is the same as the sample pieces shipped out with our July 4th MDF boxes.

1/8" Maple w/MDF core

It is now in stock!

1/8" White Birch MDF core

We now have White Birch back in stock.  Our supply is limited due to receiving a batch in which half of the sheets had some warping that we don't like to send out as our standard product.  With that being said, the warped sheets will be in our discount section soon.  They are still Double-side (G2S-good two sides) and cut great with a few extra hold down pins.