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This section will be used to post important updates relating to new materials and material restock updates! 

Updated: 4-13-2023

1/8" White MDF (1 sided)

In stock and ready ship. 

1/8" Black MDF (1 sided)

In stock and ready ship (by the end of the week of the 15th). 

1-side Black /1-side White MDF

We will NOT be restocking this item.

The issue was that because the sides were different colors, while in transit from the manufacturer to the distributor and then to me, the shifting caused the black to scuff the white leaving marked up flawed material.


Due to that, I had to literally go through 4,400 sheets and carefully wipe off and inspect each piece.  The time it takes to do that drastically diminishes my profit because of the time it took. Not to mention all of the flawed sheets that we lost or that I have to sell below cost to to recoup some of the cost.


I liked the idea of having two different colors, but it just didn't work out(at least for now).

1/8" Maple

In stock and ready to ship!!!

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