This section will be used to post important updates relating to new materials and material restock updates! 

1/8" White MDF 

05-06-2022 Update:

The batch that just arrived is again the material described below, not what we originally sold.  We are going to work to send out a few samples to past users to get feedback on the current product vs the past product.  

The last batch of white MDF that our distributor received was NOT up to our standards.  Although they order the same material from the same manufacturer, it was different.  Due to MDF shortages, the manufacturer uses three different suppliers for their MDF.  The batch that arrived cut slower, left charred edges, and cost more.  We definitely understand that all prices are increasing.  We also know that slower cutting and charred edges are a part of laser cutting as well.  It was just a big change from what our product was. 

1/8" Maple w/MDF core

We ordered 50 boxes worth and 30 of them were warped.  So, we are placing an order for more.  With that being said, there is PLENTY of this warped material available in the "Discount section."  It is double-sided(Good both sides) material that cuts great at 180 speed/Full power.  It is high quality material and perfect for any projects where it'll be attach to a backer.  It's also great for things like earrings as well.