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Flawed 1/8" White Birch (MDF core)

These sheets have some warping.  They are still beautiful two sided sheets.  A few hold down/honeycomb pins and you'll be all set.


IF there are any marks and dings on a side, it'll still be a 95% usuable sheet(the vast majority are free from marks)


10 or 20 sheets per box

Measure closer to 5/32"

Sheet size: ~11.75" x 19"

Double Sided (Good TWO sides)

Whole Piece Face



Starting points:


ENTER material thickness

CUT - 180 speed/ FULL power

ENGRAVE - 1000/FULL/195

SCORE - 300 speed/ 41 power

Flawed 1/8" White Birch (MDF core)

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    Thank you, 

    Crafty Knights

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