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xTool ~15.75"x 15.75"--- 1/8"MDF

Shipping Included

1/8" MDF

~15.75 x 15.75"

18 sheets per box


The xTool D1 may have difficulty with this material as its a 10W diode laser.

Settings from a customer: 100% 3mm/m 3 passes


This material has a really light color and cuts great! This super refined material is the best of the best!

xTool ~15.75"x 15.75"--- 1/8"MDF

  • We promise to work with you to ensure that you are a satisfied customer in all areas within our control.  If for some reason you aren't satisfied with our service or product, PLEASE message us and give us the opportunity to correct the issue.  

    Thank you, 

    Crafty Knights

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