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Local Pick Up: 1/8" Maple (MDF core)

The MDF core makes for a flatter piece of wood that cuts consistently.  There are NOT any glue spots in this type of material due to the MDF core (as opposed to the possibility of such in plywood core products).


  • 10 or 20 sheets per box
  • Measure closer to 5/32"
  • Sheet size: ~11.75" x 19.125"
  • Double Sided (Good TWO sides)


  • Starting points:
  • ENTER material thickness
  • CUT - 180 speed/ FULL power
  • ENGRAVE - 1000/FULL/195
  • SCORE - 300 speed/ 41 power

Local Pick Up: 1/8" Maple (MDF core)

  • We promise to work with you to ensure that you are a satisfied customer in all areas within our control.  If for some reason you aren't satisfied with our service or product, PLEASE message us and give us the opportunity to correct the issue.  

    Thank you, 

    Crafty Knights

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