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Discounted: 1/8" Basswood (GF ~11.75" x 19.625")
  • These are perfect sheets.  The difference is that the grain runs the width (short) of these sheets, not lengthwise as normal 
  • ~11.75" x 19.625"
  • 1/8" or 3mm
  • Veneer core (wood core)
  • 20 sheets per pack (larger quantities will be available in future)
  • Double-sided/G2S - meaning both sides are good in appearance 
    • Back looks as good as the front 
  • Smooth as Maple 


Cut Settings STARTING Point:


CUT: 185/FULL power

SCORE: 200/40 power




Discounted: 1/8" Basswood (GF ~11.75" x 19.625")

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