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June Newsletter

It's been a while, so here's everything new! Baltic Birch There is a national shortage on Baltic Birch. Due to the supply being low and the demand being high, the prices are increasing. We have already seen our price per sheet double. We still aim to provide our customers with a great value, but we had to increase our prices some due to this. We have about 160 boxes available, but they definitely go fast. MDF - Out of Stock MDF is having a similar shortage as Baltic Birch. We ordered back in early April and our first projections were to get a shipment in June and then that got pushed back to July. So we aim to be stocked again in early July with twice as much. New Item 5/32” (1/8”) Colombia Forest Pure Bond Maple. Limited supply of 22 boxes. When we reorder, it will be 1/8” MDF or Purebond Core with 2 good sides (G2S). Coming Soon! Now that we have added Maple to our 1/8” collection, we are looking to add Cherry or Walnut next. We will eventually offer both, but as a small, family business we have to take things one step at a time. Custom Size Material If you are interested in having bigger or smaller sheets cut, please message us. Please provide us with the sheet size, material, and address and we will create a quote for you. New Blog We added a blog to our website! Being a little family of three, we are still pretty swamped with work to do (which is a blessing). Due to this, we will not have a ton of content on our blog. However, it will be a place to stop in and check for smaller updates and other helpful information. Facebook Group As mentioned earlier, we are staying pretty busy now days. So, at this time, our Facebook group won’t be a place we are super active, but it would still be beneficial to join. We will post updates and restocks. Basically it is another way to get the same information we share in newsletters and our blogs. This will help you not to miss anything and get alerts through Facebook. Plus, in the future we plan to do a little more with it. Another Addition to Website We also added a tips, settings, and video section on our website. Be on the lookout for more content in the coming weeks. This includes providing more videos and information to help those who are new to GlowForging have more success. (Mrs. Crafty Knights is finishing up the school year [teacher] and will have more time to focus on our business soon.) Rewards Program Be sure to enroll in our rewards program. This will give you the opportunity to earn some money back. It’s the blue icon normally in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Local Pick Up If you are in the Detroit-Metropolitan area, be sure to enter the PROMO CODE: PICKUP to save $20 a box! We are in the 8 Mile and Telegraph area of Detroit. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this. Picking up locally also allows you to get your wood faster. ***Family Vacation*** The Crafty Knights will be on a short vacation with the family from June 19 - 23. Any orders placed between that time will be shipped on Thursday the 24th. If you need materials during that time, be sure to order by 2pm on Friday, June 18th. Thanks Thank you so much for using or considering our business/family! We appreciate all our customers and look forward to serving you more in the future!

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